Technical Support Services

Support Services

The service provides the admin user a simple and intuitive web console to select a 3-level security level for the network or computer that requires protection (“High”, “Moderate” or “Low”). Under these levels there are 48 categories containing millions of websites which can be blocked. Customization is also possible (user-defined white and black lists), blocked content password bypass, detailed logs etc


  • Quick and easy to implement with nothing to download or install.
  • No change or impact on existing network
  • No slowdowns while browsing
  • Simple Management Interface
  • Ability to block advertisements (on all browsers).
  • No strings attached and nothing to uninstall – The service is provided on a yearly-based fee.

Technical Support:

  • On site: Available through team of well trained technicians
  • Online on web:Available Online manual
  • Email or Phone:During Mon -Fri office hours